How much does Car Transport cost in Faridabad?

car transport cost in Faridabad

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    People in today’s generation, people love changes. It has become an inevitable part of human life. When a person shifts from one place to another, he needs to carry all his essential goods and the car is one of them.

    Nowadays, transporting of goods and other essential things has become very usual. Since the demand has increased a lot, the car transport cost in Faridabad has also been through ups and down.

    Car transportation is a service that will help you transport your car if you are moving to a different city. As we know that Faridabad is one of the satellite cities in India, and it has become very densely populated.

    So, the people shifting here would like to settle in this city, and in that context, they will need to have their car with them. Numerous factors affect the car transport cost in Faridabad – such as the distance that is needed to be covered and the rates that are prevalent in the market.

    What is Car Transportation?

    The name – car transportation is also given to the process of shipping a vehicle from one place, that is, from one state to another. The people who transport cars have lots of contacts in every city or every town.

    They are also familiar with the best people who keep the car safe and sound during the time of transportation. Thus, the car transport cost in Faridabad is very low as they will help you with all the documentation and licensing that your car will need before it is transported.

    What are the reasons behind the increase in demand for Car Transportation

    For transporting a car from one place to another, there is often a requirement for high-level machinery and lots of research work. The companies providing these services research on a daily basis. They also have all the tools and machines that are basically required to complete all the tasks.

    What are the Advantages the of Car Transportation in Faridabad?

    There are numerous advantages of car transportation in Faridabad. These advantages make the choosing of these services the best choice.

    • These services are quite affordable and are available at a lowcost

    The complete process of car transport cost in Faridabad is very well affordable and they are quite honest about the exact cost that you will need for this service. Many such companies claim more money for some miscellaneous stuff which they do not mention earlier.

    In this process, the actual cost stays hidden from you. But since some companies are transparent about the billing of your transportation, you can blindly trust the car transport cost in Faridabad.

    • You will have fewer headaches about the Transportation

    If you are about to plan that you will be driving the car to the place you are shifting to, you will need to plan a lot of things such as rest stops, fueling, hotels, food, and many other road trip hassles. You will also need to prepare your car for a long-distance journey before you start your journey.

    Also, you may face some sort of breakdowns such as punctures, engine problems, and many other issues. You can opt for a company which has a reasonable car transport cost in Faridabad in order to remove all these extra headaches so that you can focus on your journey with a peaceful mind.

    • You can move multiple vehicles at a time

    If you own more than one car, then, driving both of them to your destination is quite impossible. It will also increase your car transport cost in Faridabad and you will have to face lots of stress.

    Therefore, if you are the owner of multiple vehicles, then the facility of car transportation is quite invaluable for you. Also, this acts as a boon if you own multiple vehicles and wish to sell them or put them up for an auction. These car transport companies can shift around 8-9 cars at a time thus reducing your headache.

    • Protection for your Vehicles

    If you decide to travel long distances, then there are high chances that your vehicle may get damaged. You may face wear and tear in the tires of the car. Also, extreme weather can damage the engine and cause your car to break down.

    To avoid these circumstances, opting for a company that provides a low car transport cost in Faridabad is the best choice. This not only protects your car during the time of your journey but also avoids any sort of troubles that may occur in the future.

    • They do a Detailed Examination of your Car

    Every car transportation company has a team of professionals who perform a detailed study of the condition of your car before the journey. They also do all the required cleaning and repairing of your can to make sure that there are no problems once your car is delivered.

    Through this detailed process, you can come to know about the dents, scratches, and paint peel-offs that may have happened during the process of transportation.

    • They will provide Door to Door Service

    These companies providing car transportation facilities in Faridabad have quite a good service of machinery and carriers. Thus, with the help of a team of professionals, they deliver your car to the mentioned location within the time that they ensure.

    This facility will help you to reduce your car transport cost in Faridabad as you will not have to pay any extra charges for a person who will drive your car home. But it is better if you pick up your car from the company in the new city.

    • Decrease in the Insurance Cost

    The car insurance amount is usually calculated on the basis of how much distance the car has been driven. The more the distance, the more the amount of interest. Therefore, if you drive the car from one city to another, the insurance cost will automatically go up.

    But instead, if you opt for a company with low car transportation costs in Faridabad, then you can skip this process of paying an extra amount of insurance. Also, these companies provide you insurance coverage that covers any sort of damage that may be caused during the journey.

    • The Car Maintenance will be a Priority

    While your car is being shifted from one place to another, the vehicle that is carrying them will be stopped at some locations in order to keep check that your car is in a good condition. This maintenance will be included in the total car transport cost in Faridabad.

    They will make sure that your car is in perfect condition while it is being shifted from one place to another.

    Car Transport Cost in Faridabad: Pan India Car Transportation Costs

    The process of transporting a car is truly a big deal. It is never an easy process and the truth is, it is never a cheap process to transport a car from one place to another. Even though the companies do their best to keep the car transport cost in Faridabad, as low as they can, it is not that easy.

    The major factors that influence the car transport cost in Faridabad are demand and supply. Here is a list of factors that affect the car transport cost in Faridabad.

    • Price of the Fuel

    The prices of petrol and diesel have been going through constant ups and downs in the past few days. With such ups and downs, car transportation costs in Faridabad can also increase or decrease at any point in time. Thus you should not be expecting the same price every time you opt for these services.

    • Distance of Travel

    The distance factor is another major determining factor that is affecting the car transport cost in Faridabad. While there is constant fluctuation of the prices depending on the fuel and other licensing prices, there are some standard rates for transportation of your car keeping in mind the distance and also the type of the car.

    • Up to 400 km, the rate is between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 25,000
    • From 400 to 800 km the rate is Rs. 4000 to Rs. 28,000
    • From 800 to 1300 km the rate is Rs. 5000 to Rs. 31,000
    • From 1300 to 1900 km the rate is Rs. 6000 to Rs. 36,000 INR.
    • Size of the Car

    This is another very important factor that affects the major portion of car transportation costs in Faridabad. Cars are of various types and sizes which include hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, sports cars, and luxury cars. Since the maintenance cost is not the same for every type of car, the prices will differ to a large extent.

    • Shipping Options

    There are basically two types of shipping options available from these companies. One is the door-to-door service and Terminal to Terminal service. If you opt for the door-to-door service, the prices will automatically go up as there will be extra charges for delivering the car to your doorstep. Whereas, the terminal-to-terminal service will decrease the car transportation cost in Faridabad.

    Problems with Car Transportation Cost in Faridabad that Secure Move aims to solve

    At Secure Move, they aim to solve any type of real-life problems that are faced by the customers while they opt to transport their car. There are many companies and organizations which aim to provide you with the best services at a very reasonable car transportation cost in Faridabad.

    But some customers face some day-to-day problems with these companies which need to be handled efficiently. Secure Move aims to solve all these problems so that they can serve their customers and put a smile on their faces. The problems that are often faced by the customers are.

    • Inability to Monitor the Transportation Procedure ­

    Most companies do not have the facility of monitoring the process of transportation to stay updated about the process. But Secure Move is such a company that allows you to constantly monitor the entire transportation process so that the customers can feel safe about their car.

    • Lack of Proper Maintenance

    Some companies may promise that they will be maintaining your car properly but in reality, they do not do so. But at SecureMove, you can stay rest assured because they will be performing proper maintenance of your car at a very reasonable car transportation cost in Faridabad and will provide you the updates on a daily basis.

    • Lack of Cost Transparency ­­

    Secure Move makes sure that the car transportation cost in Faridabad is explained to you in as much detail as it can be. Some companies are not much clear about the prices and sometimes demand more money after the delivery of the car. But at Secure Move, they aim to keep you informed about all the money that they are charging for the transportation.


    If you think that choosing a perfect company for transportation of your car is a difficult job, then, yes, it is. You need to keep in mind a lot of factors while you select one and the car transportation cost in Faridabad is the biggest factor.

    But you can overcome all these problems and all you need to do is to choose Secure Move to shift your car from one city to another. You can have blind faith in them as they follow all the processes so that they can easily satisfy their customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is it safe to transport the Car by Train?

    Yes, it is completely safe if your car is being transported by train. In this process, your car remains safe from any type of adverse weather conditions.

    What is the best way to Transport a Car?

    The best way to transport a car is in an enclosed trailer as it is the safest method. All types of luxury cars and SUVs are transported using an enclosed trailer.

    How long does it take to transport a Car?

    It usually takes around 1-2 weeks to transport a car which includes 2-3 days for pickup and around 5-6 days for delivery.

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