How much does car transport cost in Gurgaon?

car transport cost in Gurgaon

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    Looking for Car Transport Cost in Gurgaon? Change is the nature of human life. It might be argued that so is the covering of long distances in search of good pastures for development and growth.

    In the modern world, transporting goods and services from one place to another has become quite commonplace. Everyday life is fast and everchanging. Moreover, technology has enabled us to purchase and procure products from any corner of the country and even the world.

    Car transportation in Gurgaon refers to services that will transport your car to and from the rapidly industrially developing hub that Gurgaon is to almost every other location in India. Car transport cost in Gurgaon is dependent on several factors, including the distance covered and the prevailing market prices.

    In this article, we aim to look at everything an individual going for car transportation should be aware of-this includes, though is not limited to – cost factors, advantages, and commonly faced issues.

    What is car transportation?

    Car transportation also referred to as vehicle shipping or car hauling is a service provided by professional companies and agents to ship your vehicle from one state to another. Most car transportation agents and services have ties with other service providers in almost every city or town.

    They also happened to know the best practices which will keep your car safe and sound while traveling all this distance. They are aware of all the necessary documents and licensing and will even get them done for you at minimal car transportation in Gurgaon cost.

    All this in essence means having your car transported from Gurgaon to all distances long and short with the minimum amount of stress or trouble.

    Car transportation in Gurgaon services aims to maintain international standards as they deliver your car from any location right to your door. Services of car transportation in Gurgaon also work together with online and offline automobile retail platforms to make buying automobiles from any corner of the world a reality.

    Why is car transportation in Gurgaon services so in demand?

    Car transportation often requires state-of-the-art machinery and technological facilities along with months of planning and even some professional research.

    Car transportation services in Gurgaon conduct such research daily and are ever aware of the best practices in automobile transportation. They are also prepossessed of all tools and machinery required to successfully undergo this task.

    On top of that, car transportation in Gurgaon cost is equal if not lesser than the cost an individual would incur while planning their car transportation on their own, along with the added hassle.

    What are the advantages of opting for car transportation?

    In the above section, we have talked in detail about what car transportation in Gurgaon is all about and why this industry is developing and flourishing at such a fast rate.

    Let us now look at all the other advantages which make opting for car transportation in Gurgaon indeed the best choice.

    They have the best equipment

    State-of-the-art car transportation in Gurgaon is all about services that understand the requirements of every car, and how important your vehicle is to you. They already have the best tie-ups with other service providers and equipment providers in this industry.

    Not only that they ensure the latest and best quality equipment and machinery at every step of the car transportation process. Procuring or possessing such expensive machinery for one single transportation is neither possible nor profitable for us individuals.

    The costing is affordable and transparent

    The entire car transport cost in Gurgaon is maintained by these car transportation services very efficiently. The professional estimation can be relied upon and every step of money spent is transparent and to the client’s wishes.

    This means as a customer you can completely trust the billing process of your car transportation service in Gurgaon and have nothing to fear about extra charges being levied on your final bill.

    They will update your auto transport insurance

    With the great quality vehicular machine read that these services own, car transportation in Gurgaon has no trouble in servicing your car and delivering it right to your new location within the stipulated time frame.

    Doing so will incur an additional bracket in your total car transport cost in Gurgaon, about which you will be informed right when you sign for the service. The best thing is most car transportation services in Gurgaon also offer the option of self-pick-up.

    Car maintenance will not be overlooked

    To ensure the safety and proper maintenance of your car, your car will be stopped at several destinations on its way to you. Car transportation services in Gurgaon make sure that every stoppage is being used for the benefit of your car.

    The proper state of your car is examined at each stage and your car is subjected to a complete car maintenance program whenever and wherever possible. They consider it their duty to care for every car as if it is their own.

    Your car will be properly prepared before transportation

    Of course, the professionals at these car transportation services in Gurgaon understand that simple maintenance and insurance are not enough. The adage is as true for humans as it is for automobiles ‘prevention is better than cure. The process of car transportation in Gurgaon includes an entire segment dedicated to simply preparing your automobile before transportation.

    Depending on what mode of transportation you are choosing, all necessary documents and licensing are also maintained and updated beforehand.

    They guarantee no damage to your vehicle

    The best and most lucrative reason to opt for car transportation in Gurgaon is the fact that under the guidance of these professionals your automobile has absolutely zero chances of being damaged in the process of being transported.

    Most car transportation services in Gurgaon guarantee zero damage to your vehicle in the transportation process and take every step to make sure it is true. Since many of these vehicles are completely new when being transported, not only are the aesthetics or engine maintained as new but the mileage is kept untouched as well.

    Car transport cost in Gurgaon: Pan India car transport cost

    Car transport costs in Gurgaon might seem like a huge deal. While in truth car transportation is never a cheap business, the well-known and experienced car transportation services of Gurgaon try their level best to bring down the transportation cost through the use of well-researched techniques and most economical procedures.

    Even with that in mind, one has to remember certain aspects to determine how much your transportation will cost.

    Size and type of vehicle

    Car transport cost in Gurgaon depends heavily on the size and type of vehicle. There is a standard weight chart that will determine how much your car will cost depending on how much it weighs.

    Similarly, certain car types such as luxury models, cars run by electricity, sport automobile models, self-drive vehicle models, etc. require different preparation, insurance, and maintenance which will add to the transportation costs.

    Distance to be covered for automobile relocation

    The biggest factor which determines the total car transport cost in Gurgaon is the distance factor. While the rates always fluctuate depending on petrol prices and other licensing prices, the standard rate of car transportation along A certain distance is as follows.

    • Up to 400 km, the rate is between 3000 to 5000 INR
    • From 400 to 800 km the rate is 4000 to 7000 INR
    • From 800 to 1300 km the rate is 5000 to 9000 INR
    • From 1300 to 1900 km the rate is 6000 to 10000 INR.

    In short, car transport costs in Gurgaon, from Gurgaon to Bangalore or vice versa will cost about 8000 to 15000 INR. If the car is to be relocated to Kolkata it will cost around 7000 to 12000 INR. From Gurgaon to Mumbai car transportation will cost about 9000 to 15000 INR.

    Final destination to be reached

    Car transportation services in Gurgaon do charge extra to drive your car to your doorstep. Therefore if the relocation is in a rural area this delivery will cost more than if it is in the center of the city. Alternatively, since most car transport services offer the option of self-pick-up, customers can save on this cost by driving back from the transportation center themselves.

    Condition of the automobile

    If the vehicle is completely new, car transportation services in Gurgaon will have to take extra measures to ensure the best quality transportation service for their customers.

    On the other hand, if the automobile is fairly used, a standard car maintenance process will be enough to have it delivered to its new location.

    Some new car models also come with maintenance directions that rely on the latest technologies. All such factors are counted into the final car transport cost in Gurgaon.

    Real-life problems with choosing car transportation that Secure Move aims to solve

    At Secure Move, we understand that even with the best companies and professionals working in our automobile transportation industry, customers looking for the best car transportation service in Gurgaon are still facing some issues which need to be tackled. Secure Move works day and night to make sure these commonly faced issues are no longer a concern for our valued customers.

    Lack of cost transparency

    We understand that the car transport cost in Gurgaon needs to be as transparent as possible in its minute details to read the customer of any anxiety from our side. Secure Move keeps the costing as transparent as possible and is happy to explain in detail to our customers what their bill includes as many times as is required.

    Inability to monitor the transportation process

    Many services providing car transportation in Gurgaon do not offer their customers the ability to constantly monitor the transportation process. At Secure Move we have special provisions to make sure our customers can monitor the entire process of car transportation in Gurgaon and get in touch with our 24/7 customer service whenever they want.

    Lack of proper maintenance

    Since car maintenance is not something that customers can monitor every step of the way, many service providers of car transportation in Gurgaon do not go through with the entire car maintenance process as they promised their customers. Our organization aims to deal with this by providing clients with complete knowledge of how and where car maintenance happens and how the results are obtained.

    FAQs about car transport

    How will I know if the price quoted to me is right?

    To make sure the price quoted to you by your car transportation service in Gurgaon is complementary to the market price, you should take 3 to 4 consultancies for car transport costs in Gurgaon from different service providers and understand a bit about the prevailing market.

    Can my vehicle be transported by train?

    Yes, vehicles can be transported by train. Many service providers of car transportation in Gurgaon offer assistance with this mode of transportation.

    Choosing the correct service provider in the field of car transportation in Gurgaon can appear to be a very confusing task.

    Choose Secure Move for your valued vehicle, and rest assured that your trust is placed in the hands of an institution that understands the love and affection you have for the vehicle which has saved you again and again through thick and thin.

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