What Is The Cost Of Car Transport from Delhi to Kolhapur?

Car Transport From Delhi to Kolhapur

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    Looking for Car Transport From Delhi to Kolhapur? Shifting to a new place always brings a mixed feeling. Of course, it would be a cheerful moment, but at the same time, you’re also concerned about moving your personal belongings safely to the new location. Hence, it is essential to hire professional packers and movers for shifting your household things and car. Car relocation seems an overwhelming task, however, with the right information, car transport from Delhi to Kolhapur becomes a hassle-free experience. You can follow some easy steps to find out the best car transporter near you for car shipping from Delhi to Kolhapur. For eg. You can explore the internet or you can do crowdsourcing to find the right car relocation firm. A company having positive reviews and testimonials can be considered the right choice.

    Apart from searching for a car transporter, you have to figure out the cost of car shipping from Delhi to Kolhapur. The cost of transporting the car depends upon many factors that influence the cost of transportation. The average cost of car transport from Delhi to Kolhapur is approximately thirteen thousand and more depending upon the type of car you want to relocate. The price increases based upon the special facilities as required by you. Firstly, let’s find out the factors that lead to an increase in the cost of car shipping from Delhi to Kolhapur.

    Factors Affecting the Cost of Car Transport from Delhi to Kolhapur

    Let’s find out the factors that influence the cost of vehicle shipping from pickup location to delivery location.

    Distance – The distance between two places matters a lot when it comes to evaluating the cost of car shipping. So, if the distance between the locations is wide, then the price will be higher. In simple terms, the farther the distance, the higher the cost of car transport.

    Vehicle Size, Weight & Model – Luxury cars or vintage cars cost more as compared to small cars due to the weight and size as they require more space and special equipment for loading and unloading. Hence, it adds cost to car shipping.

    Type of Car Carrier Service – The type of car carrier chosen by you also influences the cost of car shipping. There are two types of car carriers namely open and enclosed. Both have their own pros and cons. Open carriers are most popular due to their affordability and multiple vehicles can be transported at once. However, an enclosed carrier is more secure and protected than an open carrier.

    Seasonality – During the peak season, the cost of car transportation is higher as compared to the off-season. The cost of car shipping also increases based on the road or highway during the transit. If it’s road off, then again the price of the car shipping increases.

    Door-to-door Car Delivery – If you want to get your car delivered to your door, then it may cost more as compared to delivering at the terminal. Hence, it is completely up to you.

    What is the Actual Price of Car Transport From Delhi to Kolhapur?

    Once you are aware of the factors that affect the cost of vehicle shipping, you need to know about the actual price that you have to pay to have your car transported. Here is the price list offered by Secure Move being the No.1 car packers and movers;

    Type Of Car  PriceSingle Car Carrier
    Small/Hatchbacks Cars₹12,999KM multiply by Rs 50
    Medium/SUV Cars₹13,999KM multiply by Rs 50
    Large/Sedan Cars₹14,999KM multiply by Rs 50
    Luxury Cars₹16,999KM multiply by Rs 50
    Car Transport From Delhi to Kolhapur Pricing Table for 2024

    Why Should One Opt Secure Move for Car Transport from Delhi to Kolhapur?


    Secure Move is a globally recognized car transporter for imparting excellent service in vehicle transportation, pet transportation, home shifting and more. Our services are planned proficiently to meet the expectations of customers. We are available 24*7 to assist you in the best possible way. Therefore, you can reach out to us for any kind of logistic service.

    FAQs Related to Car Transport from Delhi to Kolhapur

    which carrier is best for small cars?

    If you have a limited budget, then an open carrier is the right choice for you and it goes well for small cars.

    What is the probability of delay in shipping the car?

    Well, the vehicles get delivered at the estimated time given, but, if there are bad weather conditions, then it might affect the delivery date.

    Is it important to get the car insured?

    No, it is not mandatory, however, it is always advised to get your car insured before shipping to prevent any unforeseen circumstances.

    Are there any hidden charges associated with car shipping?

    No, there is no hidden cost apart from the one mentioned to you.

    Is my vehicle safe during the transit process?

    Yes, your vehicle is safe during the transit. So, sit back and relax. We are here to help you.

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